Pim Samos
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Samos Police & Fire Services.
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Samos Island Police Details. Greek Police - Police Address Samos Director 22730 87311 Adjutant 22730 87316 Department of Safety 22730 87322 Department of Safety 22730 87321 Police Department Samos Governor 22730 27333 Secretariat 22730 87335 Tourist Police 22730 87344 Tourist Police 22730 81000 Police Department Karlovassi Governor 22730 33333 Secretariat 22730 32444 Police Department Pythagoreio  Governor 22730 61333 Secretariat 22730 61100 St.Konstantinos 22730 94202 Kokkari 22730 92202 Marathokampos 22730 31222 Mytilinion 22730 51333 Pagonda 22730 71222 Pyrgou 22730 41000
Samos Fire Brigade.
Telephone Centre 22730 22199 Telephone Centre 22730 23061 Telephone Centre 22730 23062
Over recent years Samos has experienced more than it’s fair share of forest fires, some of these we have personally experienced. Samos has constantly two water dispersing aircraft permanently based at Samos Airport to deal with such events. They also have a watch system where members of the Fire Brigade are out observing the open terrain for outbreaks of fire. As tourists we should be aware of smoking outdoors, disposal of cigarrette butts and also VERY IMPORTANT the disposal of any glass containers which refract the sunlight which can cause fires by acting like a magnifying glass.