Samos Town
Samos Town. Samos Town the capital city of Samos Island and is found to the Western end ot the Island. Throughout the season the city is always well visited by the holiday makers. The range of shops facilitate the purchase of everything  you would need during your visit to the Island.
Pythagorion Town & Harbour.   Pythagorio is the second largest town on Samos Island and has a wonderful harbour containing the famous statue of Pythagoras the World famous mathematition. If you are on the hunt for souveniers you cannot go wrong here. Also with it’s many Bars, Cafe’s and Restaurants along the harbour front this is one of the places for your nightlife.
Karlovassi Town. Karlovassi Town is the last of the major towns on the Island and serves the Western end of the Island. As for the others it has a good range of all types of shops and is a little more spread out than either Samos Town or Pythagorion. We tend to visit once every holiday to see how develoment is getting on it the eastern region of the Island.
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Samos Town
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Potami Beach. Potami and it’s Beach is the most North Westerly Beach on the Island and as you can see by the photgraph is one of the most attractive beaches on the Island. When you view the Potami Photo Gallery it will become apparent that a lot of the photographs are taken from a tiny but beautiful, well looked after church. The pictures and the churches decoration are also depicted. This beach is probably the last reachable bathing spot :
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Kerveli Bay. My wife and i must admit we are a little biased towards Kerveli. We consider ourselves to have been very lucky to have chosen Kerveli as our first place to stay on Samos Island in 1995. A beautiful Bay that is well visited by both tourists and local people alike. Located at the bay is one of the best restaurants / taverna’s on the Island ( Taverna Haravgi). The food and company are excellent. The beach itself is a fine to rough gravel beach - bathing shoes are to be recommended.
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Posidonio Bay. Once again this is one of our favourite spots, this is a most beatiful tranquil bay to be found in the South Eastern corner of the Island. As for many places a hire vehicle is a must if you want to see other locations. There are a few independant types of accommodation situated in Posidonio with the main provider being the Posidonio Bay Holiay Resort Complex with apartments,studios and maisonettes along with its :
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Potami Beach
Pythagorion Town
Pythagorion Town
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Kerveli Bay
Ireon. Ireon is a small fishing village on the South easterly coastline of Samos, it is also the last place to be reached by road with a normal vehicle on the Southerly route around the Island. After Ireon you have to then cut Inland because the coast and Terrain is only suitable to be driven by 4 wheel vehicles. Ireon seems to be well loved by the tourists who stay there with many returning time after time. We certainly call in for a visit or two each time we are on holiday in Samos.
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Psili Ammos. Psili Ammos has got to be in my mind the best beach on the whole Island. This long golden sandy beach leads so gently into the sea it is suitable for young and old alike. The Samos hills as one backdrop and the coast of Turkey as another not 1200 metres away (see photo Gallery) make for an ideal picturesque setting for a wonderful day on the beach. Well loved by all who visit there. Psili Ammos itself is to -
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Kokarri.  Kokkari which lies on the Islands northern coast and the next location west of Samos Town. This well loved coastal place seems to me like the hub of tourism along with Pythagorion the younger generation seem to choose these two places for their higher degree of nighlife. Kokarri is also a very picturesque place with 2 parts to it. The eastern side seems to be sheltered and gives a calm impression, the western side of
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Posidonio Bay
Psili Ammos