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Samos Mountains.
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Samos Island is in the realms of the Aegean and well known as a mountainous island, it is the  owner of the two highest mountains within the Aegean .Mount Kerkis which is a quite wild  desolate and rocky mountain whose height reaches 1443 meters and the other mountain  Karvounis or known locally as Ampelos and reaches the height of 1160 meters.   Many caves are to be found on Mount Kerkis,these include: Kakoperato (bad pass), Panagia  Sarantaskaliotissa the Virgin Distant The Panaretou hole, the cave of Kantili, the popular cave of  Pythagoras. (see Pythagoras cave page)   The mountain "Ampelos" (which means vineyard) adopted its name from the many vineyards  that have grown there since ancient times and still continue to grow there up to present day. The  mountain is known locally as Karvounis the name used by the local people of Samos. Karvounis  or Ampelos covers the central and eastern parts of the island. The highest peak is the Prophet  Elijah which is at an altitude of 1153 metres. 
Samos Mountains.
Mt Kerkis Mount Kerkis Mount Kerkis Mount Kerkis
Mount Kerkis
Mount Ambelos Mount Ambelos Mount Ambelos Mount Ambelos
Mount Ambelos