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Medical Matters.
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Pharmacies ( Chemists )
Samos on the whole seems to have an abundance of Chemists / Pharmacies, see the picture below this is the sign you are looking for if you need normal everyday medications etc. There regulations seem to be a little more relaxed than ours, for example Cortezone based ointments for sun allergies etc can be purchased over the counter. The local service has always been good and the people behind the counters seem to have a good knowledge to assist you with your requests.
The Greek word for Pharmacy looks like the picture below.
This as our pronunciation would be ! Farmakio !
Samos Hospitals.
Please note that there is always one pharmacy on stand by for emergencies every day from 13:00 till the following morning. For name and address of the duty chemist / pharmacy please check with the nearest pharmacy. There will be a notice posted in the window, detailing which chemist is on duty.
Important Telephone numbers for Samos Hospital are :
Samos Hospital : (22730) 27407, 24601, 27426, 24602, 24603
Samos Hospital lies within the city of Samos approximately 150 metres away from the Port of Samos.
Samos Hospital.
Karlovassi Hospital
Important Telephone numbers for Karlovassi Hospital are :
Karlovassi Hospital : (22730) 32222, 34559, 34561, 33070
I will endeavour to gain more information / picture of the Hospital in 2011.