As you will see by the three photographs above the Hogben family have been regular visitors to the blissful Island of Samos since the year 1995 or there abouts. This beautiful small ,but well vegetated Greek Island is to be found in the Aegean sea with Turkey at it’s nearest point approximately one kilometre away. The hospitality of the local Samians is second to none and their love of children and attitude towards them has to be seen to be believed. The small Island of Samos can be travelled East to West in around 3 hours making any daytime excursion easily achievable. Unless you are intending on partaking in a walking holiday then a vehicle of some sort is definitely a must. Roads are narrow and in places very bumpy, if you intend off roading then take a suitable 4 wheel drive vehicle (Jeep). our opinion is that the best areas of the Island are to be found in the Western half of the Island, Kerveli & Posidonio being particular favourites of ours. I will try and cover most aspects to give you some idea as to what you can expect when visiting Samos.
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Welcome to the Pim Samos refurbished Website. Please enjoy your stay.
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Pim & Anne - Samos 2005
Pim, Anne & Samantha - Samos 1997
Anne Posidonio - Samos 2010.
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