Pim Samos
Welcome to the Pim Samos refurbished Website. Please enjoy your stay.
Food & Drink.
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Food & Drink on Samos. Food and drink on Samos are a very big part of the Greek lifestyle with nearly all tourists whilst on holiday eating al fresco (outdoor eating) a lot more than they would normally do so in their own land. Both my wife and i have always found Greek cuisine to be of a very high standard and very suited to the English pallet (me) and German pallet (wife). The pages on food and drink will be added to each time i visit Samos. The variation of food available is quite extensive which is reflected in most of the Samian Restaurants menu’s. When it comes down to food please do not forget that people have differing tastes and these are only the opinions of both my wife and i.
This Section of the Website will be added to substantially in July 2011.