Pim Samos
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Flora on Samos.
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Samos out of all of the Greek Islands in the Aegean is probably the most fertile and best vegetated. With it’s Olive and Pine trees which grow on the highest points of the Island these 2 tree types alone cover 40% of the Island with another 40% covered by grass, bushes & brushwood.The rest of the Island flora consists of Vinyards, flowers and fruit bearing trees. One rare plant which only grows on Samos is the Paionia which only blossoms in May.Some types of trees growing on Samos are, pine trees, cypresses, poplar, chestnut, plane trees mulberry and cedar trees. Flowers on the Island are Poppies, lilacs, harebells and Kores which is a type of Lilli and has a very strong scented fragrance.