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Fauna on Samos.
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The flora already covered provides a suitable habitat for the Birds and Animals that exist on the Island. Reptiles to be found on the Island are Chameleons, Lizards and a variation of Snakes with the Adder being the most dangerous. There is one golden skinned Lizard that can only be found on some of the Aegean Isalands. Samos has a good population of both home and migratory birds, some rare birds and vultures can be observed in area’s like Aliki and Psili Ammos (Swamps) at the observatory at Aliki and depending upon the season Flamingos and Herons are also to be seen. Some types of Owls and Eagles are to be seen in the Islands mountainous regions.A lot of Samos’s coastline makes the perfect habitat for seagulls, sea crows, wild pigeons and teals etc. For those who like to walk and wander around the Island they will most likely come across partridges, blackbirds, quails, magpies and varying other birds. Samos habitates  around a third of all Greeces bird species according to a survey held back in the year of 1993. Also to be found on Samos Island are such mammels as the Jackal and the Monachus Seal whose habitational location has been declared a protected area to facilitate it’s preservation since 1980. For those visiting the Island more information can be gained by visiting the Samos Natural History Museum located at Mytilinoi.