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Pythagoras Cave Samos.
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Pythagoras Cave. The Cave of Pythagoras in Samos: The Cave of Pythagoras is the place where the famous mathematician and philosopher was hiding when the tyrant of Samos, Polycrates, was chasing after him. The cave is located on the eastern side of Mount Kerkis, the highest mountain in the Aegean, and lies a distance of 3 km from Votsalakia beach, and access to reach the caves opening is quite difficult . There are actually two caves, both near to each other. It is said that Pythagoras was lived in one of them and taught in the other. One cave is more flat and therefore more appropriate as living accommodation. This cave has three rooms but only two of them can be visited. It ends in two steep gorges and if you walk a bit more, you will come across a spring from where it is believed that Pythagoras used to drink water. Close to the cave, there are two chapels, one dedicated to Saint John and the other to Panagia Sarantaskaliotissa. To get to the cave, you have to walk a path of about 300m. The path is well-signed but it gets steeper as you reach the cave, where extra care and attention is needed. From there, you will have great views of the valley and the sea below.
Pythagoras Cave - Mount Kerkis